Top 5 Surprises an International Student Faces at a US College a Study July 07, 2016 To: Study
Medium top 5 surprises an international student faces at a us college

Many students from different countries are in love with the idea of studying at a college in the States. It’s presumably the place where the American Dream can be followed, making everything seem more exciting.

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How to Take Notes in College Like a Boss a Study July 04, 2016 To: Study
Medium how to take notes in college like a boss

Have you ever written with such intensity that your fingers have started to tremble, and you felt minutes away from losing your hand? The pain would get so bad after diligently writing every word your teacher said, that you would honestly consider a robotic hand transplant.

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‘Judging’ Students is the New Evaluation a Study June 30, 2016 To: Study
Medium  judging  students is the new evaluation

It is the time for evaluations again, a time of anxiety for both professors and students. The classroom becomes a battleground, and everyone that is not you will be seen as a threat. Many people will argue that the professor is only there for your benefit, but how unbiased are they really when they give out an evaluation to a student? Are they ever influenced by psychological factors, or are they entitled to use anything to evaluate the students, including their behavior and status? Can they give you a rating based on whether they like you or not? When you start looking for an answer about which party is in the wrong, you will need to consider the authorities coming from both camps: students versus professors.

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Secrets to Motivate You to Get out of Bed for Morning Classes a Study June 27, 2016 To: Study
Medium secrets to motivate you to get out of bed for morning classes

If you are a student, you probably have a bunch of morning classes to attend. Professors seem to like stashing everything in the beginning of the day – which would make sense. If you get everything done early in the morning, you’ll have more time to do your own things the rest of the day. Time for yourself sounds good, right?

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