Top 5 Surprises an International Student Faces at a US College

Posted: July 07, 2016 - to Study
Content top 5 surprises an international student faces at a us college

Many students from different countries are in love with the idea of studying at a college in the States. It’s presumably the place where the American Dream can be followed, making everything seem more exciting. But once you step foot on an American college campus, you’ll realize that everything is different than what you’ve initially seen in movies. Way different. From the dorms to the campus and the classrooms, things are getting as diverse as they are impressive. Here are some things that you might find quite surprising once you get into a US college.

  1. Grading goes past a simple exam

As a student in your own country, you are probably used just to study for an exam,  sit in front of a teacher and then write or talk it out. In the United States, things are a tad bit different. While there may still be on-the-spot tests and exams, professors will also give you research assignments on various topics. These will generally dwell further into the subject and will need a fair amount of research. This is why you might need to do plenty of research in a US college.

  1. Professors want you to talk

Not talk to your classmate about last night’s show; that is still frowned upon. Instead, they want you to be active during their classes. Other countries may take a different approach on this. The teachers will simply deliver the information while the students will study it at home for upcoming exams. Well, in the US, it is actually encouraged to speak up on the topic. This is a way to ensure that you understood the subject completely, without further problems.

  1. Classes include traditional education

You see students applying for colleges in various other countries, and you notice how they all start thanking the lucky stars. They no longer have to attend classes they find irrelevant, and they can choose for themselves the courses they want to attend. Well, in US colleges, things are a bit different. They actually include classes that are seen as traditional for education, whether or not it seems relevant to your major. This approach is used so that students are exposed to stuff they wouldn’t normally seek. This way, they may discover passions they never even knew they had.

  1. The campus is culturally diverse

If you thought you’re the only international student applying for a college in the US, you might want to reconsider that. People come there from all around the world, which is why it won’t be out of the ordinary to see, for example, a Korean person talking to another Scottish guy nearby. At the same time, you will need to be aware that cultural barriers can become a problem if you don’t approach this carefully. An American student won’t have the same knowledge of your culture as you have of theirs.

  1. Kids are actually high-aimed

All movies you’ve seen to this moment point to the fact that American college students are party animals with no plans for the future. However, it is exactly the opposite. When it comes to life goals, most American students know exactly what they want, and they work hard to reach success. They’re really mature if you see past the laid-back mask they seem to constantly put on.

As difficult as it might be at first to adapt, you’ll discover that studying at a US college is as surprising as it is interesting. You just need to keep an open mind and learn how to blend in with the flow.

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