When a customer chooses the services offered by GlossEssays.com, it is implied that he/she complies with the conditions explained in this disclaimer, without omission.

Use of product: When it comes to every sample of writing generated by GlossEssays.com – examples of educational writing – you should know that each of them will belong to our company. In other words, the client cannot present the content on our website as his/her own work.

Customer contact: The client is held accountable for communicating his/her accurate contact information to GlossEssays.com. In the case in which the transmitted information isn’t right, a delay in order may occur. In this instance, we cannot be held liable for the late delivery.

Order cancellation: If a customer has changed his/her mind, and he/she wants to cancel the order after the payment has been made, the following conditions will apply:

  • We will refund the customer an amount of money, depending on the writing stage of the given project. For instance, if the task has been assigned to the writer, and he/she commenced working on it, and it’s nearly completed, you won’t receive the entire amount of money. The refunded money will vary by these factors.
  • After canceling an order, you may utilize the refunded amount to place another order.

Concerning research materials

The writers at GlossEssays.com are experienced in delivering excellent content. In this respect, research is of primordial importance. A well-documented paper is a qualitative paper. That’s why each writer selects the scholarly sources that are relevant and adequate for each particular project. Since we understand the importance of research, we provide the customer with the possibility of voicing his/her preference concerning research sources. If, however, the writer cannot access those materials, the following conditions apply:

  • If the customer has those materials at his/her disposal, he/she may send them to the writer, and the author will include them.
  • The second option would be for us to purchase those research materials on your behalf, for an additional charge.

If the study materials aren’t delivered in a timely manner, a delay in order delivery may occur. Nonetheless, in this situation, GlossEssays.com isn’t responsible for the delay.

Customer instructions

When you proceed to place an order on GlossEssays.com, it is implied that you agree to communicate detailed information regarding the order. To be more precise, the form should be completed in detail, and the instructions should be clearly described, for best results. There are instances in which the writer needs a range of additional information concerning the project. In this situation, he/she will contact the client and request a clarification. It’s the responsibility of the customer to respond promptly, in order to facilitate the timely delivery of the project.

Plagiarism-free clause

The contract our writers sign when they become part of the staff at GlossEssays.com obliges them to supply original content in all instances. That’s because we comprehend that each customer expects content that is 100 percent original. Carrying this in mind, before we send a customer his/her final project, we will double-check it for plagiarism. If, for any reason, the customer assesses that the project presents traces of plagiarism, he/she is to communicate us that, and we’ll provide the necessary revisions free of charge.

Technologic issues

GlossEssays.com doesn’t take responsibility for the occurrence of technological and electronic issues, which may happen because of the Internet provider, or any other motive.


Upon order placement on GlossEssays.com, it is implicit that the client agrees to respect the payment requirements explained in this disclaimer. Namely, it is implied that the customer permits us to charge the sum for the project from his/her credit card or another payment method he/she has chosen.  

Delays in delivery

Under no circumstances do we agree to take on a project that we wouldn’t be able to complete within the required time interval. If we accept an offer, it’s implicit that we will work with the deadline transmitted by the client. However, in the situations in which delays in delivery occur for other reasons, the following conditions apply:

  • If the customer failed to communicate his/her accurate billing information and he/she doesn’t respond promptly to our request, the writer won’t commence working on the project.
  • In the instance in which the client doesn’t respond immediately to any request or question voiced by the writer, a delay may occur. We acknowledge that communication between customer and author is primordial, and the client is responsible for responding immediately to any inquiry. Otherwise, if delays may emerge, GlossEssays.com can’t be held liable for that, and asking for a refund isn’t a possibility in this situation.
  • If the customer changes the original instructions to the project, the delivery time may not be met.

The academic level of the client

When a client orders from GlossEssays.com, he/she is requested to communicate his/her correct educational level. If this aspect isn’t considered, it may lead to the charge of an extra fee.

The availability of customer service

Since customer satisfaction matters a lot at GlossEssays.com, each client can take advantage of our 24/7 customer service. In the instance in which any delay emerges, the client may voice his/her concern at our customer service, via e-mail, phone, or live chat, and we’ll take into account your requirements.

Binding Laws

It is understood that every client must respect the binding laws in his/her county, state or country, concerning online purchasing. Additionally, when it comes to the use of online academic services, the customer should abide by the laws in his/her country.

Client confidentiality

When you opt for GlossEssays.com, you can rest assured that we value the customer’s privacy. We comprehend that, when it comes to online writing services, one might be doubtful about this aspect. However, we guarantee each client who opts for GlossEssays.com that his/her personal contact information won’t be further passed on to a third party. In the same respect, outside of our company, our clients’ contact details won’t be transmitted. Additionally, our website uses cookies. Nonetheless, the client is expected to comprehend that, by using cookies, our aim is to personalize his/her browsing experience on the site.


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