Questions about our orders

How to place an order?

  1. Choose the option on our website – order your content.
  2. Select the type of content you require.
  3. Fill in the information related to your order.
  4. In the case in which you already have an account on GlossEssays.com, then you can sign in. If not, by using your email, you can sign up.
  5. You have the option of attaching a file.
  6. After reviewing the information, send us your order.
  7. Now your project is available for you to watch in your dashboard. 

How do you pay for your order?

As soon as you have sent us your order, you’ll be taken to your personal account page. On this page, you’ll have to choose between payment methods, which include your bank account, PayPal, or credit card payment. Pick the option that fits your preference and complete the payment. 

When will the writer start working on my paper?

After we receive an order, we assign it to a writer who starts working on it in a couple of hours. 

Can I request an alteration to my project after sending my order?

Yes. You can benefit from this option as well. After placing your order on GlossEssays.com, within three days’ time, you can request any change to your project. Nonetheless, you should keep in mind that, according to our revision policy, the fee of your project doesn’t cover re-writings of the original material. 

Questions about our writers

How does GlossEssays.com assign orders?

Each order we receive differs in difficulty level. On that account, depending on this aspect, we carefully consider the writer’s background before selecting him/her. To be more precise, the writer who will tackle your task will always have a proper educational experience for completing the work excellently. The academic level, the type of writing and the research sources that should be used are factors that help us make a decision. 

Can I communicate with the writer assigned my order?

Yes. From the moment you have placed the order, and the author commenced working on your assignment, you have the possibility of transmitting any guidelines and instructions related to the task. This way, we can make sure that each order is completed accordingly, to meet the customer’s requirements. GlossEssays.com reckons that communication between writer and client is the key to achieving the best results. 

Can I select a particular writer for completing all my projects?

Yes, you can benefit from this alternative as well. The only condition is that the writer should be available at that given time. 

Does GlossEssays.com have writers coming from various fields of study?

Positively. In fact, this is one of the primary principles that lie at the foundation of our hiring policy. Our staff comprises of well-prepared writers that come from various fields of study, since the orders we receive differ in complexity level. This approach enables us to attain excellent results, even in the case of most challenging assignments. For instance, if we receive an order for a dissertation, which is a complex type of writing, the writer who will work on it will have a doctoral degree in that area. 

Questions about our guarantees

What if I’m not 100 percent happy with the results?

If this happens, you may contact us as our customer support service is available 24/7, and you can communicate the source of your dissatisfaction. Once we know that, we will be happy to provide you with assistance in revising and re-writing, so that your paper will be according to your expectations. 

Will my deadline be respected?

Yes. The moment we take an order, it is implied that the paper is going to be written within the timespan you communicate to us. However, there are situations in which the deadline might be missed because the customer didn’t provide us with accurate contact information. If that happens, we cannot be held liable for the results. We value continual communication with the customer, but we request the client to transmit us his/her contact information that eases prompt communication and delivery. 

Does GlossEssays.com guarantee that my paper will be plagiarism free?

Yes. When you select the services provided by us, the content you receive will be featured by originality, in all instances. As a matter of fact, before sending the final draft of your paper, we always check it for plagiarism. 

Questions about our CVs and resumes

Does GlossEssays.com have different writers for CV and resume writing?

Yes. GlossEssays.com has a separate selection of writers who are trained in writing excellent, winning resumes. Additionally, experience in this domain is a must. On that account, if you order a resume, a proficient writer, who is academically prepared and acquainted with the current standards of recruitment, will complete your order. In order to write a winning resume, he/she will require you to supply relevant information linked to the job application. 

Questions about Copywriting and Business writing

Does GlossEssays.com have writers who deliver content for websites?

Yes. A wide range of customers requires high-quality content for their websites. This includes articles, blog posts, etc. That’s why a different department of writers will take care of this kind of jobs. They have far-reaching experience in producing content according to the requirements of each client. By taking into account the experience level of the writer, we will carefully assign your order. Let’s say that we receive an order for technical writing – in this situation, we will assign the writer who has the academic background for producing excellent content on the subject. 

Can I ask for the writer to post on my blog, directly?

Yes. Since our copywriters know how to use online platforms, you can request this option as well. Make sure to communicate this to the customer support department, and you will be provided with further details. 

Which is your policy regarding copyright?

After a client is satisfied with the work delivered by our writers, the copyright will be held by him/her. Additionally, if we post something on your website, on your behalf, the copyright will also be held by you.

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