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Posted: June 29, 2016

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Architecture Journal

Design plays a crucial role in architectural design as in many other disciplines such as history and engineering. The design theory examines the concepts applied and reflects upon multiple aspects of creative work. In architecture, the design theory also adopts an aspect of practice. The design theory has also evolved over time beginning with the early days when religion was central to the architectural design to the present day where the theory is closely intertwined with other disciplines and their related methods.

In “Industrialization and the Crises in Architecture,”  Frampton asserts that the functionality of architectural design and its perception varies with the various users who interact with it (40-44). In the early society, religion played a significant role in architecture and most building forms were inspired by religious beliefs. There was a significant shift after 1750 in a period referred to as “Enlightenment” when the design aspect of built space in Europe shifted fundamentally leading to the separation of architecture into two separate disciplines; architecture, and engineering. Architecture dealt with the art of design while engineering focused on the practice of implementing the design from the architect (Corbusier 15-19)

As stated earlier, architectural pieces inspire different perception in different users. For instance, the aesthetic aspect of a building can be perceived differently by a tourist who will appraise the visual characteristics while a resident focusses on the functionality of the building. Aesthetics and functionality are, according to Ballantyne, two inseparable aspects of design (40-46). Some cultures conserve their lifestyles through their buildings that allow for the functionality of their beliefs and practices. However, the modern developments in architectural design create a conflict with some cultures especially in the use of space. While the architect and the engineer focus on the space and economics, the populations in a given culture concentrate more on the functionality of the built up space. This is a potential source of conflict between the expression of culture and modern architecture.

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