Culture and Subculture

Posted: June 29, 2016


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Culture and Subculture

In discussing the social position that faith holds in a believer’ life, Karl Marx refers to religion to be a concept of life that only serves to broaden the gap of social inequality (Boundless, n.d.). Because of this, there is the concern where people tend to be less productive at the expense of the doctrines in that they are exposed to through religion. Instead of making people industrious through being capital-oriented, religion is turning its supports into a vulnerable and unproductive cohort.

The view is one among the main roles that religion serves to play in taking control of its followers and making them helpless and less productive because of promising its supporters eternity while they live miserable lives. Poverty leads people to a distraught state when they are underprivileged and unable to cater for their daily human needs. Religion has now taken over such susceptible societies to take charge of their lives. Instead of being productive members of the community, they have ended up accepting their state as though they were destined to live a meager life and hope that they will enjoy eternity. Marx’s argument calls for the abolition of such misleading principles for the follower to be creative and dynamic and get out of their bourgeoisie (Boundless, n.d.). Another example of the role of religion in creating an imbalance in the society based on Marx’s argument is where one becomes vulnerable and starts devoting most of their time to it instead of creating capital. It is common to find believers who are so much entangled in religion that they do no find time to run their daily errands, sometimes contrary to their wish.

Marx’s contribution to the subject is based on the theorist’s perspective of capitalism and the need to make it the defining factor in a social setting. It is vital for people to realize the intensity of Marx’s claim because they trend would only head towards creating more a social imbalance.

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