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Posted: June 29, 2016


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My Personal Experience

I do have a background in the Military field. Before I joined college, I enrolled in the service in which everything was structured. Since it was a passion, I loved it, and hence, did my best. I started the career in 2009 as a landing support specialist (Corporal E-4), at the United States Marine Corps, Stone Bay, NC. I had many responsibilities, such as overseeing the distribution of medical supplies and resources in vulnerable communities around the world, served in the fire team and managed the inventory for the annual military training. In at the end of 2013, I was transferred to Raleigh, NC, where I served as the Warehouse Clerk. Besides I was the squad leader and mentor for the marine recruits. I also served as the assistant coordinator for the Toys and Tots program (Triangle District) and oversaw the reorganization of the unit warehouse. I also finished first in the 0351 Warehouse Clerk Course.

I moved to the North Carolina Army National Guard in Raleigh in 2015, where I served as a commissioned officer candidate (E-4) where I was developing further leadership skills under command. During my service as a military man, I have earned awards and accolades, in which I have pride. They are the Rifle Expert 4th Award, the Meritorious Mast, and Letter of Appreciation, all of which prove my excellent work ethics.

In 2013, I joined the Agri Waste Technology in Apex, NC, as an assistant soil scientist, a company for which I still work. Some of the skills that I have been able to gain include soil evaluation and report writing for clients in the lands, analysis and interpretation of the scientific reports, waste water samples and designing treatment systems. I did a lot of consulting for clients at job sites, training and managing full-time employees and helping them to come up with the best practices when dealing with their customers. I am also responsible for reviewing and tracking monthly expenses and revenues for performance evaluation purposes.

Joining college brought with it a new experience. I used to a strictly structured schedule during in the military and after that I faced a liberal society in which I was supposed to conduct everything without having to report to anyone. This new trend brought a cultural shock, and before I could realize, my grades were going on a downward trend, and was not a situation that I would liked. Attending the undergraduate school and being in the military at the same time was quite difficult, which meant that I had to adapt fast. I struggled to acclimatize to the new situation, and my grades improved over time as I did everything I could to better them.

Considering my length of professional experience in the military field, I have gained many skills that I would like to share at a much higher capacity than I have at the moment. I have juggled between the undergraduate school and the military with good results in the end. I would, thus, like to be considered for the MBA class as I believe that this would help me to get what I want in life. 

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