The Changing West

Posted: June 29, 2016

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The Changing West

The effect of civil wars can be felt through the negative impact on various economic aspects. For instance, employment opportunities in the country decline, poverty levels and dependency ration increase. This was not different during the aftermath of the American civil war. Life became unbearable as employment opportunities diminished. I was unable to meet my basic needs and those of the family. Therefore, I had to find an alternative means of surviving. The west had fertile and large tracks of land. I had good knowledge on faming and thought it could be a better venture. Life in west was a bit easier since food was in plenty, and it was the only thing I needed at that opportune.

As a famer, I will have different opportunities such as producing excess food intentionally in order to distribute some to the hungry American population. This will provide some income to fulfill other needs. The west is occupied by cowboys that largely depend on animals for their daily life. Therefore, they will also provide a ready market for my farm produce.

I will face challenges in my farming venture. For instance, the west is characterized with unpredictable climatic conditions. This will significantly affect my produce in the event of poor timing. Crops are subject to different diseases that need proper control and treatment. This requires some extra money for the control and treatment process. I will also need intensive labor in order to cultivate large tracks of land.

The farming idea came from the hard economic situation in America. However, I precisely chose the venture since civil wars limit people the time to attend to their farms. Thus, the situation required a long time to be able to regain its food situation. Through the venture, I will make good profits and improve my life style.

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