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Alcohol treatment for Veterans
Research Paper

July 20, 2019


Instruct (SP 9)-APP-Powerpoint-Mental health female offenders

July 20, 2019

Excellent writing, organization and formatting. LOVE IT!!!

Research on a current health policy that is revelant to your career as a nurse. Public Law No: 115-271 (10/24/2018) Substance Use-Disorder Prevention that Promotes Opioid Recovery and Treatment for Patients and Communities Act or the SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act

July 20, 2019

Create a 3-5 page paper (not including cover and reference page) addressing these key points: Discuss adult learning principles from your readings. Which adult learning principles do you believe to be most important? Provide evidence to support your ideas Apply adult learning principles as you discuss your personal learning style

July 20, 2019

To prepare for this assignment, choose a leader who is inspirational to you and influences your leadership style. This individual can be a current leader in your field, someone you know personally, or a present or historical figure of note.

July 20, 2019

In this assignment, you will examine how systems theory influences the health policy

July 20, 2019

Prepare a letter to an appropriate legislative body supporting or opposing chosen health policy.
Reaction paper

July 20, 2019

Research and identify one KPI that is of particular interest to you and that has relevance to the policy evaluation you began in Unit 1.

July 20, 2019

Choose a published manuscript (also called a professional peer-reviewed article) and literally press it into a poster presentation format.

July 20, 2019

Research Paper

July 19, 2019

I had a c in this paper. Not so happy about the grade



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