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College courses generally involve a large number of writing assignments since professors believe that the written word provides a great way to evaluate the students’ critical thinking abilities and also the ability to communicate their ideas and opinions in a coherent and lucid manner. Out of the various written assignments that students might encounter in classes on a regular basis, article critique writings are some of the most popular ones.

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Writing the Best Article Critique: Professional Paper Writing

Professors assign article critiques to students because they believe that such assignments will force them to use their analytical and critical thinking in a productive manner.

How do you write an article critique?

There is much more to writing article critique than just summarizing and paraphrasing the article in the statement. One does not only have to go through the original article but also to analyze its contents, interpret the ideas presented under a critical light and also evaluate the quality and contents of the particular article. One also has to provide information about the thematic contents of the original article, its purpose, the audience that the author intends to address with his words as well as the evidence put forth by the author in support of his arguments.

Moreover, the student also has to identify whether the author writes with preconceived notions in mind, and evaluate whether the article is organized in a coherent and logical manner. They also have to express their opinions about whether the author has succeeded in getting their intended message across to the audience, whether this message is credible and what could the possible implications of the article be on public conscience. The student also has to judge whether the ideas presented in the article are too radical or too conformist in nature.

Why do you need professional help for article critique writing?

Article critique writing enables students to exercise different aspects of analytical and critical thinking. They have to rely on empirical evidence besides concrete facts as well and have to apply great extrapolation skills in order to critique an article in depth. Writing a good critique thus usually involves thorough research which takes up a lot of time. Burdened with extremely busy schedules, many college students thus opt for professional essay writing services in order to deliver well-written article critiques in class. Taking advantage of the help of a professional service increases their chances of securing high grades on the assignment to a relatively great extent.

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