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We have often wondered why professors are fond of assigning book reports as homework for college students. The answer, perhaps, lies in the fact that they want to check the student’s unique perspective while analyzing the contents of the book and how well they are able to structure their thoughts and opinions. Every book affects different people in a different manner and hence book reports also enable professors to gain a vague insight into the psychometric aspects of their students.

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Writing the Perfect Book Report: Tips from a Professional Writing Service

Writing a perfect book report is not a cakewalk. It is very easy to get lost and lose the train of thoughts while composing a book report because a book invariably presents a large number of ideas, all of which cannot be expressed within a five-page book report.

What is the Difference Between a Book Review and a Book Report?

We have often seen students getting confused between book reviews and book reports. It is important to remember the fact that these two are inherently different. The former is supposed to express the author’s personal opinions regarding the book (and consequently tends to be firmer in tone of expression). However, in a book report, one is supposed to objectively analyze the main ideas, assumptions and opinions expressed in the book. These may not be in accordance with what the student personally believes. A book report is usually more detailed and descriptive than the book review and should have a less persuasive tone. Remember you are not telling the reader whether to read the book or not; you’re just presenting an objective evaluation of the main ideas put forward in the book.

How Should a Book Report be Structured?

The structure of the book report is very important to render a lucidness in the flow of your thoughts. Without a concrete structure, the thoughts you are trying to express might get jumbled and the professor will not be able to comprehend what you are trying to explain. At, we ensure that the main points in our book reports are elaborated in such a manner that they can be easily conveyed to and appreciated by the reader. According to the specific instructions of the professors, the structures might slightly vary on a case to case basis. Still, our book reports adhere to the following skeletal structure.

  • Introduction

In this section, we include general information about the book, its author and year of publication. In a few short sentences, we also explain what the book is about and whether it had won any significant awards or had any impact on public life and pop culture. Further, we also elaborate on its public and critic reception (and controversies surrounding its publication, if any).

  • Body

This is the main section (or the heart) of our report. We start with briefly summarizing the events described in the book, the main points put forward by the author (if the book is a work of non-fiction), and then we move on to critique the author’s style and our opinions about the central theme of the book. In case we are working with non-fiction, it becomes really difficult to analyze each and every idea presented in the book, and hence we limit ourselves to working on the central ideas and examining them in greater detail.

  • Conclusion

In this part of the report, we sum up our opinions on the book with a short paragraph about how the book has influenced its readers and how successful it has been in terms of literary value. boasts of a talented team of qualified writers who have delivered excellently written book reports to thousands of college students so far. Thus, if you really want that A in that tough class, you know we are a professional writing service that you can always count on.

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