Dissertation Chapter - Methodology

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When you are writing your thesis, you have to know that each chapter has its own particularities and structure. For this reason, you must have a proper knowledge regarding these aspects before starting to write any chapter.

Even though a dissertation is one of the most elaborate papers you will ever write, it is not enough to be an expert only in your academic domain or your topic. For instance, writing the methodology chapter of your dissertation implies additional skills and knowledge.

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How to Get an Excellent Methodology Chapter for Your Dissertation?

Also referred to as method chapter, this part of your thesis plays a significant role in its overall evaluation. Here, you need to describe the research methods you chose for your study, no matter if they are qualitative or quantitative.

But keep in mind that you cannot directly mention a method and then provide an argument such as “ I believed that…”, “I was interested…”. Your choices should be based on academic reasons, not on your personal opinion.

Also, when describing a method, try to check each of the following aspects:

  • Philosophy
  • Brief description
  • Type of collected data
  • Ontology
  • Epistemology

If you speak about each of these issues for every single chosen method, you cannot fail in writing an excellent methodology chapter.

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