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Generally speaking, a personal statement is that little essay that offers you the chance to sell yourself in an application, no matter if your purpose is to be admitted to an individual college or to get a job. Therefore, you need an outstanding one in order to get where you want. Keep in mind that the evaluation committee has already read thousands of personal statement before, but you still need to impress it to achieve your goals. 

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How to Write a Successful Personal Statement?

Tips for writing an excellent personal statement

  • Take your time

The truth is that such a task requires some time, so don’t think that you can write it overnight. Maybe you will succeed in doing this, but you will not have a winning personal statement. Make sure you take your time to analyze your strengths and weak points before starting to write such an essay.

  • Write and re-write

Don’t expect perfection for the first time you write down a sentence. Create a draft first, and don’t be afraid of re-writing your personal statement. This will help you come up with a paper that is neat, professional and high-quality. Also, aiming for perfection from the first time is time-consuming. You will polish the text, in the end, so don’t waste your time now to create impressive sentences.

  • Focus on your strengths

A personal statement should convince the reader or evaluator that you are the right person for a particular position. Can you do this by speaking only about your weaknesses and only briefly mention your strengths? Obviously not. You need to concentrate on your strong points and how they helped you until now in your academic or professional journey.

  • Keep an honest tone

Even though you are supposed to sell yourself in this part of your application, lying or exaggerating about your strengths and achievements is not an option. No one likes a narcissist person who tends to see himself/herself as the best. Keeping an honest tone can be much more convincing than overstating your case.

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