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If you ask your peers around in college, most of them will unanimously agree with the fact that college level mathematics courses are really challenging for the students. With all those abstract theoretical concepts getting intertwined with geometrical theorems, trigonometric identities and calculus formulas, you have an ocean in front of you; a treacherous ocean which might end up costing you a significant chunk of your grades.

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A typical college student usually suffers under enormous workloads, ranging from an endless parade of term papers and pop quizzes to seminar presentations and homework assignments. The assignments are also not like the ones you would usually encounter in high school, where a few reference texts would have been enough to help you conduct your research. In the case of college assignments, you might even have to conduct hours of research just to come up with relevant resources that you must refer. This becomes a little too cumbersome especially in the case of proof finding assignments in Math courses.

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Do you remember proof finding assignments in high school when you just had to apply a few axioms and corollaries to come up with a proof, and you had a number of solution examples to refer online? Unfortunately, assignments in college do not work in a similar fashion. Sure, to prove any problem statement, you would have to bank on a few axioms and theorems that have already been established, but in the case of college math problems, finding out which corollary or theorem is to be used can seem like an enormous task in itself.

As any Math buff will tell you, any problem can be approached from different angles. You might start trying to prove a problem statement through principles of mathematical induction, only to find out later that there was a simpler and more elegant solution through differential equations. You might want to adopt a calculus approach when your problem can be easily solved through coordinate geometry concepts. College Math takes some time to get used to, and you definitely do not want to spend all your weekends cooped up in your dorm with your books and staring blankly at your computer screen hoping that the solution will miraculously come to you. Fortunately enough, you don't have to.

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