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We could unquestionably affirm that the thesis discussion is equally interesting, yet demanding to write. That’s why, often, students happen to confound it with the results section, or they merge the discussion with the results. However, the discussion chapter is a unique part of your thesis, and it should enlist the way in which your findings are related to your subject. 

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How to write your thesis discussion?

The most important element you should bear in mind is to establish the purpose of your thesis discussion, as following:

  • Defining the results highlighted in the thesis.
  • Providing an answer to the primary research question.
  • Analyzing the approach.
  • Aiming at providing a critical overview of the study.

Thereupon, it goes without saying that it’s quintessential to scan the findings, and recognize that the study comes with a set of limitations. Another thing that will aid you to craft an excellent thesis discussion is to remember that it should highlight your viewpoint on the matter.

This segment is an elaborate analysis of your findings, and you should relate them to scholarly data available on the subject. By outlining the way in which your thesis aims at providing answers to a set of intriguing questions in your field of study, you’ll emphasize its significance. The most frequently met mistakes include enumerating or merely describing the results. However, you are expected to justify them, and use as many resources in order to accomplish that.

You should make sure that the style and tone of the writing are appropriate for your field of study, and that the reader can get your mindset easily. To put it roughly, you should be able to present complex information in a matter that is easy to digest.

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