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Studenthood is such a lovely stage of your life. It’s a time of freedom, parties, fun, friendship and all the other liberties a student is supposed to have. It’s where every minute of it should be enjoyed before you’re caught up in that typhoon called “work” and “responsibilities.”

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I’m sorry, did you say freedom? Better yet, did you say time? There’s a popular saying going around nowadays, and that is “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” Just imagine this: exams, papers, exams, midterms, other random tests, part-time jobs… where do time and freedom exactly fit in here? Oh, and wait, here’s the finale… now you have a thesis to write too. A thesis which you didn’t even dare begin. You know you should get started with your thesis introduction, but it’s as if you’re afraid it might grow teeth and bite your hand off. What to do, what to do…

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It is said that the thesis introduction is the most difficult part of the entire paper. And in a way, that is sort of true. It’s the part of the paper where you put your ideas in order, decide on your approach and literally tell people what it is you’re planning to discuss… which might be kind of difficult if you’re not entirely certain yourself.

This is an easy task for our writers at They’ve written so many thesis introductions that they have the pattern embedded in their brain. If they have the subject, they can write such a chapter even in their sleep! It’s like playing with a new and shiny toy for them. It’s interesting and exciting to do!

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