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There’s nothing more stressful than knowing that the end of college is approaching and that you have no way of stopping that train from leaving. It seems so awkward – it feels as if you just started attending classes, and now you’re close to graduating. You didn’t even have the occasion to process everything, and now they’re asking you to write your thesis proposal?! There’s no way time passed that fast!

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But oh, yes, it did. And now you’re just sitting there, staring blankly at that thesis proposal draft before coming to the conclusion that you have no idea what you’re doing there. How should such a paper even look like?

Help! I’m clueless! Is there a 911 there to help me with my thesis proposal?”

911:, at your service!

Who knew that such a desperate wish would actually come true? Only, you’re not dialing 911, but accessing Close enough! Our ‘word paramedics’ here can help you save that dissertation proposal you’ve been struggling to keep alive. No more looking at the paper as if you were the Frankenstein that just created the Monster – we’ll make that monster pretty!

Let our talented people from write your thesis proposal for you! They know exactly what they should be doing with that kind of paper, and considering your major, they will provide you with an exquisite proposal that will get you started on the road of writing your thesis.

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We discourage plagiarism within our writing services, and every attempt at it will lead to the punishment of every employee involved. Everything we send back to you will be written from scratch, using the creative minds of our writers to provide you with something your professors have never seen before. We want the final result to be perfect, so we will create a thesis proposal that will be custom made for you and only you.

In addition, we will also attach to your paper a report so that you can see that your paper was checked with a plagiarism detector. This is to prove that we care about your needs, and we want you to come at us with an open heart. cares about your diploma, so come at us with ease!

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If you choose the services from, we can assure you that no one will ever know your identity or the fact that you ordered a paper on a certain topic from us. This measure was taken is order to prevent any ill-wishers from causing you harm. Aside from the person responsible for the payment department, no one from our company will know your name – not even your writer.

So come at us without any worries! We have created the perfect medium for you to have your proposal done, offering you our high-quality, original products at perfect prices. We see you as a student – and a human. We know you’re struggling with your thesis proposal, which is why we invite you to send a request for such a paper!

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